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Welcome to The SVCC Arts and Literary Site!

2001 Poet's Market Available In SVCC'S Library!

Letter from the President:

The SVCC Arts and Literary Organization is actively seeking both members to join their club and students to submit their artwork and writings for their monthly newsletter. The club is interested in any type of art.

There are many purposes for The SVCC Arts and Literary Organization. We know how hard it is to be a writer or an artist with few opportunities for publication or recognition. So we hope that this club will fill a void here at SVCC and provide a forum for students and their work. With this club we hope to get artists recognized within the SVCC campus and in the community. We have many events that will take place. We create a newsletter, have prepared an arts festival, and hope to have several events that will include the community and campus. With help, we believe we can make a difference.

We want other people to get recognition and know that they can make their dreams come true.

Thank you,

Angela Marie Hawthorne, President

On this site you can read about our club, our ideas, see pictures, submit your talent, and find ways to get your talent published!


The Club Founders

Angela Hawthorne-President
Jenny Downey-Vice President
Dana Ivory-Public Relations
Jamie Shankweiler-Treasurer
Theresa Mosely-Fundraisers/Relations

Above is a picture of the club founders.

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